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It all started in 2006. We wanted to be able to give our friends and loved ones something they will never forget: the first experience of skiing, immersing in the mystery of the Chinese tea ceremony, or a gastronomic master class of Italian cuisine from a famous chef.

Company today

Our reputation is the quality of services, happy smiles and positive feedback from our customers. We experience the experience ourselves, just imagine: the job requires us to fly hot air balloons, go to the spa, learn to play golf and dine in unusual restaurants! We are constantly looking for unique places and people that we would like to partner with (we call companies whose services become part of PresentWow gifts). This process is somewhat reminiscent of the ancient method of gold mining, when for the sake of a small nugget you need to sift a lot of ordinary rock. We believe that the true wealth of a person is determined not by the amount of money and things around him, but by the number of bright events and happy moments in life, experience and integrity of the individual. The more of this, the richer the person. And in this sense, the gifts of PresentWow impressions are for the rich and those who intend to become them. We wish you great experiences!

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