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Durée - 1 ou 2 nuits
Personnes - 1 person
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Flight to the stratosphere

38 720,00 €


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You can get an email alert when this product is back in stock.Vous pouvez obtenir une alerte par e-mail lorsque ce produit est de retour en stock.

Flight to the stratosphere Description du produit

Flight to the stratosphere is a unique exclusive program, the most popular among our clients from all over the world. Participant will take co-pilot seat of the fighter. You will fly together with experienced pilot, he will take all under the control. Fighter accelerates to a supersonic speed of about ~1800 km/h(~1100m/h) and performs a steep climb to the highest achievable point on 17-19 kilometers. You will find yourself in the stratosphere, the highest on earth, twice as high as ordinary passenger planes fly. Here the proximity of space is already felt - the sun shines much brighter than below, the sky above the head is already black, and the horizon is distinctly rounded.

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Information produit

Prix ​​(incl. TVA)38 720,00 €
Disponibilité Indisponible
Insurance Included
Meals 3 meals per day
Seasons All Seasons
transport All transfers included
Card validity 1 year
Guiedes Included
Visa Russian visa required
Duration 1 hour flight
Persons 1 person
Price 2700
Number of reviews 3

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  1. Great expirience!

    That was perfect day!

    Commenté par Tim Barns le 28 septembre 2020 10:59 | Permalien

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who chooses the adventure and start date?

The adventure is chosen by you, the date of the beginning of the adventure and the time will be chosen by the one to whom you will present the certificate. Your loved ones will have one year for this. The countdown starts from the moment of purchase.

2Which days adventures impossible to book?

Reservation cannot be made on holidays and the adjacent weekends. For any other dates, you must book the adventure, taking into account the activation date of the adventure, each adventure has its own. On average, this is 7 days before the planned date. The certificate is valid for one year.

3What does a gift certificate look like?

When placing an order, you can choose one of three options:
1. Electronic certificate. Sent by e-mail immediately after paying for the order - you can print it and give it or just send it to your loved ones.
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If you have chosen an electronic certificate, then it will come to your mail immediately after payment on the site. If you have chosen gift wrapping, then after payment on the site, we will send your gift by mail on the same day, if the payment was received before 2 pm.

5How long is the gift certificate valid?

The gift certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you buy a gift in advance, then we can postpone the start to a later date.

6Is it possible to go to the adventure with childrens?

Each adventure in the description contains information about the participant in the adventure and their number, the number of guests, and the minimum age of the participants. If your loved ones have children and several children, we recommend that you pay attention to the "Family" category - these certificates are just for such cases.

7Where are the adventures and where are the gifts delivered?

Most of the adventures are concentrated in Europe, but there are also exclusive adventures in places that attract travelers from all over the world. We deliver certificates throughout Europe, but in the case of electronic certificates, the whole world is not enough!

8Will it be more expensive than if you contact adventure directly?

Gift vouchers include adventures that are slightly more expensive or less expensive when booked directly. In general, it turns out about the same. At the same time, you give a choice: there is no need to think about which adventure your loved ones will like and which dates will be most convenient for the trip. They will choose when and where to go. We can also beautifully pack the certificate together with the wishes on your behalf. The recipient will be delighted!

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You are presented with a choice from a list of proven adventures with guaranteed high ratings and an open date. This is a unique offer! In addition, we will carefully pack your gift in a delightful box and quickly deliver it in a way convenient for you.

10What are the guarantees that everything will be fine?

According to the public offer, we conclude an agreement with each of our clients, within the framework of which our obligations must be fulfilled on time and in the full stated amount. We have big plans for the future and we absolutely do not want to collect negative reviews about us.

11What if I want to buy a certificate for myself?

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