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Duración - 11 days
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Ubicación - Russia
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Bucket list journey to Kamchatka

2.783,00 €

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Bucket list journey to Kamchatka Descripción del Producto

This route is best for the first acquaintance with Kamchatka. We have collected here the most interesting and picturesque places of the whole peninsula. The Pacific ocean, Mutnovsky, Gorely and Tolbachik active volcanoes, fumarole fields, thermal springs, lava flows and "dead forest" — let your dream of Kamchatka come true and see all the best sights it can offer just in one trip. Active tour to Kamchatka in summer 2021 If you are ready to challenges in order to discover all the beauty of Kamchatka, you will appreciate this route. Be ready to ride hundreds of kilometers, spend the night in a tent, climb the crater of an active volcano or meet a bear on the river's bank. We guarantee, that all activities in this trip are safe and accessible to people with average physical shape. But one of the main peculiarities of Kamchatka region is that the most interesting sights are located quite far from each other, in places where there are no hotels. However, Kamchatka, which you will see in this journey, is worth the long journeys and nights in a tent. We have tested it ourselves.

Cosas principales que necesitas saber sobre - Bucket list journey to Kamchatka

Transfer from the airport to the hotel on the first day of the tour and back on the last day is carried out by the driver.
From the second to the tenth days with will be accompanied by an experienced English-speaking guides, a driver and a cook.

Kamchatka is a mountainous region stretching from the North to the South and surrounded by the waters of the Pacific ocean and the Okhotsk sea. The weather here is changeable, and there is a  special microclimate in different areas.
The best months for summer travel are July and August. The average temperature in August is +12°C to +16°C. In the highest parts of the mountains there are glaciers. Rain is possible, as well as snow at high altitudes. In the forest area there are a lot of mosquitoes and midges. In September, it is important to take into account the low temperature and the possibility of frost.
You should be ready for all kinds of weather conditions: from summer heat to strong winds with cold autumn rain and frosts.

Información del Producto

Precio (incl. IVA)2.783,00 €
Disponibilidad En stock (5 disponible)
Visa Russian visa required
Duration 11 days
Guiedes En, Fr, Es, De
How many persons 1 person in group 8-16 persons
Seasons Summer
Age restrictions From 8 Y.O.
Meals The price includes three meals a day: hot breakfasts and dinners, as well as light lunches on the route. The menu includes cereals, salads, soups, side dishes, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, sandwiches, cookies, sweets, tea and coffee. <br/> The cook will prepare meals on the route. During your stay in hotels you will have breakfasts and dinners in a cafe. <br/> Breakfast and lunch on the first day, as well as lunch in the cafe in Sokoch village on the fifth day are not included in the cost of the program. You will need to pay for yourself.
Weight restrictions
Weather 15°C
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Bucket list journey to Kamchatka programa detallado

Sequence Place/Destanation Descripción Interests

Arrival to Kamchatka

Day 1

1 day

After meeting at the airport you will move to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where you will be accommodated in the hotel and rest. Then you can walk around the city. We recommend you to climb the Mishennaya and Nikolskaya hills, which offer a great view of the city, Avacha Bay and the "home group" of Kamchatka volcanoes: Avachinsky, Koryaksky and Kozelsky. Also we advise you to visit the "Volcanarium" — an interactive museum, which clearly presents the volcanic processes of Kamchatka. Please note, that museum tours should be booked in advance. You will have dinner with the guide at 8 p.m. and discuss the future program.

Boat trip to Avacha Bay

Day 2

1 day

This day you will enjoy a boat trip to the Avacha Bay. You will see sea bird rookeries on Babushkin Kamen (Old Woman’s Stone) Island and Tri Brata (Three Brothers) Island. Next, you will go out to the Pacific ocean. If you are lucky, you will meet the seals, whales and killer whales. If not, do not worry — you are going to visit Starichkov Island, where you will watch the largest sea bird rookery in Kamchatka. If desired you will participate in sea fishing, after which you will have lunch with fresh crabs and red fish soup cooked by assistant captain. After lunch you will return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. You will gather your baggage and go with SUVs to the area where volcanoes Mutnovsky, Gorely and Vilyuchinsky are located (90 km, ~2,5 hours). Here you will set up a campsite, have dinner and spend the night in tents.

Hiking to the crater of Mutnov

Day 3

1 day

Today after breakfast you will go with SUVs to the Mutnovsky volcano (2323 m high) and will rise up to its slope. From this point you will start the hiking route, which will last for 6-8 hours with stops for a snack and photoshoot at the most picturesque places. While climbing the crater of volcano, you will see eternal glaciers, colorful rock outcrops and a huge fumarole field with powerful sulfur dioxide emissions. Next you will see a huge crater, consisting of two cones. Each of them has acid lakes of different colors at the bottom. Also you can see boiling fumaroles on the steep slopes and waterfalls formed by melting glaciers. After climbing you will walk to the Opasny (Russian for Dangerous) waterfall. Its height is 80 m, and a powerful stream of rumbling water falls into a huge canyon. In the evening you will return to the tent camp, have dinner and rest. Note: in early July, when there is still a lot of snow, the route to the Mutnovsky volcano can pass from the other side. Be prepared for more challenging hiking trail full of snow.

Climbing the Gorely volcano

Day 4


Today you will visit another active Gorely volcano (1829 m high). Hiking route will take 4-6 hours, but the ascent will be more difficult with the total gaining altitude of 700 m. From the top of the crater you will see a bright acid lake. Then you will have a snack at the place with a beautiful view of Vilyuchinsky and Mutnovsky volcanoes. In the afternoon you will return to the camp, pack your things and move to the village of Paratunka. Here you will check into the hotel, have dinner and swim in the pool with hot thermal water.

Optional day for helicopter e

Day 5

1 day

On this day you can relax in the thermal pool or take one of the helicopter excursions (extra charge). You can fly to the Geysers valley that is the famous UNESCO world heritage site. Or you can visit the Kuril lake, where dozens of bears arrange salmon fishing. See the detailed description of helicopter tours in the "Common question" section. After returning from the helicopter excursion you will go towards the village of Milkovo (280 km, 3-4 hours). On the route you will stop in Sokoch village to have lunch in the cafe (extra charge).

On road to Tolbachik volcano

Day 6

1 day

Most of this day you will spend on the way to Tolbachik volcano (240 km, 6-7 hours). The route will run towards the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes which is the largest in Russia. Its area is 6.5 thousand km², and the age is estimated by scientists as several hundred thousand years. This group includes the highest volcano in Kamchatka — Klyuchevskaya Sopka (4835 m). There are 4 active volcanoes, 10 extinct volcanoes and about 400 smaller volcanic formations, such as lava and cinder cones and extrusion domes. Your camp will be located in the area of volcanoes Flat Tolbachik (3140 m) and Sharp Tolbachik (3682 m). In the coming days you will see the effects of its eruptions, which took place in 1740, 1975 and 2013. Upon arrival, you will set up a camp and go for a short walk. In the evening you will have dinner and rest.

Lava fields

Day 7

1 day

Today hiking route in the vicinity of Tolbachik volcano is waiting for you. The eruption of the Flat Tolbachik volcano in 2012-2013 became one of the most powerful on Kamchatka in the last hundred years. Two fractured breakthroughs formed at the southern slope. Powerful lava flows passed through the snow-covered volcano's slopes for about 18 km. Today it resembles a huge black river, frozen in incredible forms. The surroundings of the volcano are covered with black volcanic sand and slag. It is interesting that such a composition corresponds to the surface of the moon by 96%. In the Soviet years, the lunar rover was even tested here. You will walk through lava flows, climb volcanic cones and be able to descend into caves made by the wide lava flows, the temperature in which still reaches +60°C. You will have a snack on the route, and you will return to the campsite for dinner.

Tolbachinsky cones

Day 8

1 day

After breakfast you will go by car to the North breakthrough. You will climb the Tolbachinsky cones which have a height of 100-200 m. Here you will see volcanic sand of red color and volcanic bombs of more than a man's height. In some places the surface of the cones still have the holes from where hot gas comes. Its temperatures may reach up to +600°C. If you put there tree branches, they can catch fire after some time. In the evening you will return to the camp and can feed the ground squirrels. This kind of gophers have already become an implicit symbol of Kamchatka. They are not afraid of people, boldly beg for nuts and even pose for the camera.

Dead Forest

Day 9

1 day

In the morning you will take a walk through the Dead forest – a huge area destroyed by slag and ash eruptions in 1975. The depth of the ash under your feet will reach up to 11 meters, so imagine, that you will walk at the level of the tree tops. During the eruption, the ash worked as a powerful absorbent and "dried" the huge forest. Today, however, this area is gradually recovering and new plants like "Ivan-tea" (loosestrife) appears. After a walk through the Dead forest, you will move to Milkovo village (240 km, 6-7 hours). Here you will stay at the hotel, have dinner and relax.

Museum and rafting

Day 10

1 day

Milkovo is one of the oldest settlements of Kamchatka. It was founded in the XVIII century at the place where anciet Itelmen used to live. Today, visiting the local Ethnographic museum, you will get acquainted with the culture, life and history of Kamchatka. After that you will go to the area of Malki village (170 km, 3 hours). You will have lunch on the river's bank, taste cooked salmon. Then rafting on the Bystraya river is waiting for you. It will last for 2-3 hours. The raft will be managed by a guide, so you can rest and fish. If you are lucky, during the walk you will see bears hunting fish going to spawn on the banks of the river. It is possible to give up rafting and spend this time at the Malkinsky hot springs. In this case, the cost of the tour will be cheaper by 2000 rubles (~ 30 EURO) per person. It is important to warn about this desire in advance, at the stage of booking the tour. In the evening you will move to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (130 km, 2 hours). Arriving at the city you will stay in a hotel, have dinner and relax.


Day 11

1 day

After breakfast you will be taken to the fish market. You can buy red fish, caviar and crabs here. Then you will be taken to the airport to depart home.

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